Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Vlad V by Mit Sandru

Meeting a vampire isn’t something that happens every night, even on the New York City subway. But never in her wildest dreams did Cat ever expect to meet a vampire or survive an encounter with one. Instead, she became his confidant. Why was she so lucky? (Description via Amazon)

When I began reading this book, I started off feeling disappointed because of it seemed a little of a preteen book. Looking at my kindle, I noticed that it had over 700 pages so i was expecting an adult novel. I realized half way through the book that it was really more like 70 pages.
Since now I know that the book was short, I found it to be very good for a pre-teen. It is a very quick read and not complicated at all. The story line was original. I enjoyed to the different take on vampires compared to the "normal" vampires i read about. I also enjoyed that there was some historical references concerning Vlad the Impaler and family. When i home-schooled my kids years ago, this is the type of book i would use when teaching elements of world history. I would get them interested in the subject by us reading a book like this and then come behind it to discuss the facts.

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